Hattie works in a posh tea rooms where you have to book months in advance to acquire a table. She is extremely good at her job but can often be found slobbering when she smells the customers’ food being cooked. Then she has to be really good at her job because she has to get the food to the tables without licking it. 

Hattie sometimes is the cat who gets the cream when the boss isn’t looking. 

This fun girl is 17.5” tall & made from string & curly mohair, luxury plush & viscose. Her paw pads, nose & cheeks are needlefelted. She has horse hair whiskers. 

Hattie has sparkling pink/purple handpainted eyes & an elegant but unique handmade waitresses’ uniform. In her hands she holds her latest yummy order & a pencil, both handmade. 

She makes me smile every time I look at her!! 

Hattie is OOAK & her pattern will never be used again. 

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