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Jay the calf is ready to be adopted!!! 

He is 15” tall & has the most beautiful glass blue eyes. He is made of wonderfully tactile short mohair with needlefelted wool hair! 

His ears are made from sparse black mohair & oil pastels have been used for the inners & his white forehead blaze. 

Jay’s nose is made from faux leather & shaded with oil pastels. 

His dungarees are aged denim & handmade, Jay wears a few artificial flowers in his top pocket. 

His hooves are faux leather, shined with copic marker & have needlefelted black wool sealed inners. 

The tail is finished with needlefelted wool. 

You will never see another like this boy. He is very clean & sweet & is looking for a home in your house rather than on the farm. Jay likes his home comforts. 

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